BLISS -End-of- Year performance 2021 UC/JMD

Choreographies by:

Bryan Arias

created a piece where improvisation invites the students to connect to the depth of their creative roots and beings.

Dalton Jansen 

his bold direct dance style ensures that students surrender to the real physicality of movement. Direct and challenging. As an alumnus of Urban Contemporary (JMD) he completes the circle in the way that students give their strength to the next generation of students.

Heidi Vierthaler

brings the students to a deeper self by using her streamflow technique of movement. The basic elements the piece is built on are created by the students in the guidance of Heidi during her classes this year.

Furthermore: Three students will share their singing voices and  “vlogs” from the students during rehearsal period will be shown. 

In these vlogs you will also see parts of the intensive online workshop that Julia Roberts and Rudi Cole of HUMANHOOD gave to our students during the rehearsal period.  They are part of this performance, not with a piece, but with all the experiences and knowledge they have provided to the students about the energetically relation of human mind, body and soul.

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