Graduates of the SNDO, including Sasha Waltz, Ivana Müller, Nicole Beutler, Martin Nachbar, Florentina Holzinger, Alma Söderberg and Jeremy Wade among many others work internationally as choreographers. Others develop their work in performative contexts of visual arts: Michelle Rizzo, Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea, Simon Asencio & Adriano Wilfer Jensen (Galerie) or Samira Elagoz.

Others dedicate themselves to organizing and initiating dance centers or festivals and events, such as: Zodiak (Helsinki), Francesc Casadesus at the Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona), Gisela Müller at the Tanzfabriek (Berlin), Jacuzzi in Amsterdam – a growing artists-led space, initiated by Noha Ramadan, Tomislav Feler, Eva Susova, Michele Rizzo and Setareh Fatehi Irani, ArtBeat Amsterdam led by Melvin Fraenk or MOHA, an initiative of Alice Pons and Olivia Reschovsky. 

Many graduates get awards for their work

Pere Faura (ITS Choreography Award 2006), Chris Leuenberger (ITS Choreography Award 2007 and the Swan (Dutch Dance Prize, 2011), Leena Keizer (ITS Choreography Award 2008), Alma Söderberg (ITS Choreography Award 2009) , William Collins (ITS Choreography Award 2010), Nicole Beutler (VSCD Mime Prize), Simon Tanguy (ITS Choreography Award 2011), Florentina Holzinger (Prix Jardin Europe 2012, De Châtel Award 2018), Samira Elagoz (Bloom Awards 2014, Andre Veltkamp beurs 2016, Prix Jardin Europe 2017, Total Theatre Awards Emerging category Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Spirit of CUFF award Chicago Underground Film Festival 2018), Lester Arias (Moving Forward Festival Young Dance Makers Audience Award 2016, TAZ Oostende Jongtheaterschrijfprijs 2017, Rotterdam Opera Days 2018), Jija Sohn and Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen (Moving Forward 2017, 2018), etc.

Graduates 2020

Meet the new generation of SNDO graduates 2020 in a curated selection of photographs of their performances.
Photography: Nellie de Boer; from: yearbook CONNECT 2020

Where do our graduates work?

Graduates participate regularly in different festivals in the Netherlands (Springdance Utrecht, Something Raw Amsterdam, ITS festival Amsterdam, Julidans Amsterdam) and many festivals in the rest of the world. Alumni produce their work in collaboration with: Theater Frascati, Dansmakers, Veem House for Performance, Impulstanz and [8:tension] Vienna, Buda Kortrijk, PACT Zollverein Essen, Tanz in August Berlin, Zodiak Helsinki and La Caldera Barcelona to name a few.

A number of students pursue their education on graduate level, following Masters and PhD studies at DAS Graduate School or in recent years at the Dutch Art Institute and Sandberg programmes in the Netherlands or Concordia University in Montreal.

Many former students continue working as performers with choreographers/companies as: Meg Stuart, Jérôme Bel, Boris Chamatz, Rosas/Anne Teresa de Keersmaker, Vera Mantero, Sasha Waltz, Fura dels Baus and Les Ballets C de la B / Alain Platel.

Current and former students work with a wide variety of media and interests, and while some have ventured into film and video, others are engaged with writing and dance criticism. Some shape the world and field through activist work. Others work with disabled artists, make site-specific work, work with children or adolescents, develop an interest in fashion shows, work with performance and theatre companies, or work as ‘dramaturge of space’ combining architecture with dance.

A significant number of teaching staff on the ATD’s Modern Dance Theatre, Urban Contemporary and Dance Teachers programmes are SNDO alumni. They include Jeroen Fabius, artistic director of the DAS Choreography MA programme.

For the past forty years the school has been an important source of artists and practitioners who contribute to the dance and performance fields. As the so-called ‘contemporary dance’ field expands and critically examines its scope and limitations – its own inclusiveness and exclusiveness – the SNDO students and alumni continue to shape the questions and bring relevant new insights into the field.


Rene Bizimana
alex blum Bertelsen
Mingjou Chen
Asya Deinekina
Juli frodermann
Corina Mitrovici
Adam Jönsson
Rūta Junevičiūtė

Sofia Castro
Devika Chotoe
Paca Faraus
Antonella Fittipaldi
Valeryia Le
Parisa Madani
Nazar Rakhmanov
Peter Scherrebeck Hansen

Karina Villafan
Marina Orlova
Mina Tomic
Neda Ruzheva
Milena Weber
Jelle Haen
Julcsi Vavra

Meet the new generation of SNDO graduates 2020 in the online festival re-CONNECT that took place in June 2020:
Keerthi Basavarajaiah
Yannick Bosc
Jette Loona Hermanis
Dasom Lee
Fernanda Libman Fonseca
Ingeborg Meier Andersen
Carolina Papetti
Naomie Pieter
Johhan Rosenberg
Tamir Eting

Ahmed El Gendy
Stina Fors
Mami Kang
Emile Lagarde 
Netti Nüganen
Diego Oliveira
Raoni Muzho Saleh
Alexey Shkolnik
Elisabeth Raymond

Antonia Steffens
Charlie Laban Trier
Andreas Hannes
Michael Scerbo
Laura van Bergem
Laima Jaunzema 
Elisa Zuppini
Emma Gioia

Juan Pablo Cámara
Duan Chengbei
Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen
Mao Nakagawa
Estefano Romani
Tea Teearu 
Andrea Zavala Folache


Tiana Hemlock-Yensen
Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen
Marios Ktoridis
Maciej Sado
Nadia Bekkers
Sabine Cmelniski
Samira Elagoz
Maria Metsalu
Lester Arias