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Ria Higler Fund

Join us in honoring Ria Higler's legacy

Dear friends, dear SNDO community and aficionados,

In 2023, ATD lost an educator whose vision on dance and dedication to nurturing the next generation of choreographers left an indelible mark on the school as well as on lives and artistic paths of hundreds of our alumni and students.

To ensure that Ria's vision continues to thrive and that her legacy endures, we are launching the Ria Higler Fund. This fund aims to partly alleviate financial barriers by contributing to the tuition costs of students from countries outside the European Union. We will explain more about the fund and how you can donate below. We hope you will join us in honoring Ria’s memory.

Ria believed that all creation resides in the body and that adaptation is a way to be in dialogue with one’s surroundings. She had particular views on dance, body, movement, and these were always interrelated with a sense of freedom and imagination. She found traveling and meeting people important and throughout her career Ria learned to embrace the importance of diverse perspectives.

In her own words from the book Movement Research: Stories and Journeys of Ria Higler:
‘I began teaching at the SNDO in 1980 and co-directing in the 1991… During these years, I also spent a great deal of time abroad, researching, teaching and performing in Europe, the USA, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, India, China and Russia. My travel was partly inspired by visiting guest artists at the SNDO, who brought new information that I wanted to pursue more extensively, and partly by a strong sense that something was missing in the Western way of thinking about dance and about experiencing the body.’

‘Teaching groups of individuals from all corners of the world is a reality at the SNDO, and it is a challenge.
In the same way that their cultural, social and political backgrounds vary, their physical and mental attitudes are differently tuned as well. Whatever I propose in my teaching will have a different reception in each student. My awareness about this has grown over the years: I acknowledge individual diversity, and I let it be felt and seen in the group.’

The Ria Higler fund addresses the recent increases in tuition fees for international students, many aspiring choreographers face significant challenges in accessing educational opportunities at SNDO. By establishing this fund, we aspire to make SNDO more accessible to talented individuals from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

While we recognize that our efforts may represent only a fraction of the support needed, we believe that every contribution, no matter how small, has the potential to make a meaningful difference.

The fund will operate under the ATD Fonds' auspices, ensuring transparency and accountability in resource allocation. The Ria Higler Fund initiator, director of SNDO, Bojana Mladenovic alongside a dedicated jury, will oversee the distribution of funds in accordance with the Ria Higler Fund guiding principles.

To kickstart this initiative, we aim to raise a minimum of € 5000 (+costs) required for establishing a registered fund. Your generous support will not only help us achieve this goal but also pave the way for future generations of choreographers to fulfil their potential.

Thank you for honoring Ria Higler's memory and for your commitment to shaping a more vibrant and equitable dance community.

For more information and to donate, please click here

For more information and to donate, please click here



Kickstart Ria Higler Fund

Donate now!