How are you today?

Sunday July 5
14.35 hrs. - introduction
14.40 hrs. - video Dasom Lee - How are you today?

I want to ask the audience a question, recalling my past, when it was difficult for me even to express emotions, that a basic means of human relationships;  
“How are you feeling now?
Are you expressing your true emotions, not false ones, at this moment?” 
There are so many emotions for humans, which can basically be divided into sadness, joy, fear, and anger.  
Emotions are signals that contain important messages and we cannot artificially create these emotions. Emotions happen to us on their own, not ours. 
It is something that needs to be expressed and when it is expressed it has meaning. 
No one judges your emotions right or wrong and good or bad.
Being honest with myself starts with expressing emotions and I think that self-satisfaction increases with being aware of your feelings and expressing them in a proper way. 

Dance is a means to express oneself, and to convey one's feelings to others; dance, which has a language in itself, is not simply a gesture by the body, but contains emotions, thoughts, and symbolic meaning. Movement research methods are part of art therapy, incorporating dance therapy techniques aimed at embodying emotions, minds and bodies of individuals using movement psychologically. Dance therapy aims at achieving a harmonious integration of the mind and body by freely expressing the emotions inside one's body through body movements. 

This work is a project that adds to the various emotional stimuli that humans have as long as it does not satisfy only the visual aspects but gives comfort and empathy to many people. 

Choreographer & Performer & Editing_Dasom Lee
Filming_Heejae Bae