Some appearances in the midst of things

While studying in Centre de Développement Chorégraphique de Toulouse (France), Annabelle and Yannick discovered a common interest for a presence that shows the inner journey of the dancer. After being apart for a few years, Annabelle dancing for companies and Yannick experimenting in SNDO, they recently started a collaboration to explore this shifting state. Together they want to challenge it by setting a choreography that could embody this constant change and reveal its instability at the same time.
Some appearances in the midst of things is an exploration of the passage from one figure to another - a desire to shed light on the moment of vertigo that inhabits the space of transition. They seek, by filling themselves with this fall, the encounters made along the way - the bodies, stories and memories that cross them.

Concept and choreohraphy by: Annabelle Rosenow and Yannick Bosc
Danced by: Annabelle Rosenow or Yannick Bosc
Light: Martin Kaffarnik
Sound: Rik Van der Veen
Camera: Saskia Habermann and Julia Willms
Editing: Saskia Habermann
Production: Charlot Van Der Meer and Norma Schiphof
Advisors: Igor Dobričić and Raoul Carrer
Special thanks to: Grégoire Devidal, Victor Assié, Clémence Péguy, Matej Kejžar, Juliette Lizotte, Bruno Listopad, Dansmakers, Teatro municipal do Porto Compo Alegre, le collectif chorégraphique de Caen, SNDO4, and all the team who has been very supportive during this period: Eline Oosterbroek, Bojana Mladenovic and Ana Vujanovic.