Saterday July 4
14.00 hrs. - introduction
14.15 hrs. - Ingeborg Meier Andersen - HEARTBEAT
15.00 hrs. - after talk

Firstly, I dance. It is never not happening. I dance as a woman, an artist and a communicator.
Ingeborg Meier Andersen (DK) is a dancer and maker. Her background is rooted in western commercial dance training in contemporary, urban and classical techniques. The centrifuge is her own body from where she can transmit, translate, digest and deflate. During her studies at SNDO she developed a counter movement/ writing/ thinking practice to her conventional background, which is called getting “offbeat”. The practice insists on a constant updating and morphing of embodiment, which opens the body as a medium where all fixation, order and counts of eight evaporate. At the moment Ingeborg is busy with the notions of (roadtrip of) rituals, (artificial) nature, memory (of being human), and (animistic) ancestors.  

This is a ritual of becoming and a tribute to staying in between.  
I am in the middle of a jolt - magnifying and stretching probably a millisecond of the jolting movement happening right now (and always).   

This fall I went to Nuuk, capital of Greenland. It shook my bones and reminded me of my significant insignificance. The landscape is still in me and so is my encounter with its spirits and vastness. Apparently my (danish) great grandmother was born in the north of Greenland. I never met her, but I saw her footsteps surround me while learning about the inuit tradition of ancestral worship.   

All the accumulations of thoughts and actions that started from my delocalization in Nuuk are resonating and pulsating in me.  

My cells are growing and transforming, while the political friction and ice-melting continues.  

“In the civilized lands - We only learn what human can become. In the uncivilized - What human is” Inuit quote  

Concept + choreography: Ingeborg Meier Andersen (@ingigram)/ Performance: Ingeborg Meier Andersen + Jieon Ko (@jieonko)/ Live sound + performance: Lauritz Meier Andersen (@gallery_of_meat)/ Advice: Jija Sohn + Ria Higler/ Latex art + bodysuit: Sisse Holst Pedersen (@sisseholstpedersen)/ Thank you: Julia Vavra + Aitana Cordero + Lukas Varady-Szabo + Irene de Gelder + Irene Ha
Credits photo: Lauritz Meier Andersen