Date: 29 May  - 15:00 - 21:30 hrs
Conference in two acts:
Act I _ 16:00 - 17:30 hrs
Act II _ 18:00 - 19:30 hrs
DJ and artistic interventions in between times.

Place: Goethe Institute
Herengracht 470, 1017 CA Amsterdam, Netherlands

Programme Arrangement: Flavia Pinheiro
ContributorsAna LiraCastiel VitorinoDiane Lima and Erica Malunguinho.  
Articulation/performance choreography: Mario Lopes
Production: Tom Oliver 

On May 29 2022, the Goethe Institute will host the South Boom Boom project performative conference, "Afrotranstopia" which aims to discuss the importance of dissident invisibility in art and education to contribute to the knowledge about how institutions can articulate and enact an anti-racist and anti-colonial agenda. The event will also include a celebration of the launch of the South Boom Boom publication as a special section of the Performance Philosophy journal. For choreographer Mario Lopes, Afrotranstopia is a possibility to think about healing and celebration, through the rescue of non-Westernized knowledge and to create a space for speculation, imagination, and creation of futures. Afrotranstopia is the intersection between life technologies, existences and afrotranscendences. In this concept, two interpretations of technology are at play. A current notion of technology, for example the use of augmented reality for creation in dance, and technology as mobilization and activation of matriarchal, ancestral and Afrodiasporic knowledges, ways of life (existences) and resistance. Lopes considers these life strategies of the original peoples, on both sides of the Atlantic, to stay alive even when it seems impossible, as Afrotranscendences. Activating these technologies therefore means not only building spaces of training and sharing that support the manifestation and diffusion of these technologies, but spaces of creation, speculation, and transcendence.

With co-funding from DAS Research and Platform 2025.