Excursions in Movement Thinking

Date & time: 18 May, 14:00 - 17:00 hrs
Location: DAS Graduate School
Contributor:Juliet Chambers-Coe

Excursions in Movement Thinking is a practical research workshop with visiting UK-based researcher, Juliet Chambers-Coe. The workshop is primarily for members of the Embodied Knowledge teacher-researchers group within the ATD, but a limited number of places will be available to guests. For the workshop, Juliet invites teacher-researchers into ‘excursions in movement thinking’ where creative pedagogic processes may be explored individually and in the group for personal and professional creative practice.  Movement thinking will be explored in moving, drawing, writing, speaking, and listening via the work of Rudolf Laban but foregrounding the voice/s of the teacher-researcher as the primary agent in the creative process. NB – you do not need to identify as ‘a mover’ to participate in this workshop – all kinds of ‘movement’ however pedestrian or differently embodied are considered valuable.

Juliet Chambers-Coeis a PhD candidate at the GSA/University of Surrey. She is a GL-Certified Movement Analyst and is newly appointed Principal Editor of the Journal of Dance, Movement and Spiritualities, Intellect. She is Lecturer in Movement at E15 Acting School at the University of Essex. Her PhD research focuses on Rudolf Laban’s philosophy of movement and its spiritual foundations, with a particular focus on training actors. Since 2005 she has worked extensively as a movement educator across the UK in Acting conservatoire training schools and in the U.S and China. She is founder and creator of the Labanarium: Resource and Network Centre (www.labanarium.com) for the International Movement Community, a project which supports the sharing and development of movement and dance research and scholarship in the tradition of Rudolf Laban which aims to reach across institutional and geographic boundaries.