Meet THIRD tutor Gustavo Círiaco

dinsdag 05 juli 2022, 16:00 - 18:00 uur
DAS Graduate School
Overhoeksplein 2
1031 KS Amsterdam

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Gustavo Círiaco will introduce us to his research COVERED BY SKY.

COVERED BY SKY is a research on how to identify the spatial signature of a selected group of contemporary European and Latin American artists, investigating their relations to their surroundings and landscapes experiences as a way to delve into their spatial aesthetics. When initiating the inventions of methods for translating and performing milestone landscape experiences of these artists, the research project chooses the format of installations and performances, alongside their curatorial contextualization, as a way to foster knowledge and critical insights on these artists ́ imaginative speculation and fabrication of space.
Investigating the singularity of their aesthetic practices I wonder how their poetics and handling of space alongside with a choreographic approach can contribute to the discussion on art collecting and art experience in the museum environment, promoting a more experiential relationship between the visitor and the art work. In parallel, this practice-led artistic research wishes to cast a new light on and defend artists ́ epistemologies as a way of attuning with new curatorial perspectives which are far removed from a general object-based approach to museum collections.

Gustavo Círiaco is a Brazilian performing and site-specific artist based in Lisbon. His education started with Political Sciences and Anthropology, before becoming more and more involved with dance, stagecraft and the visual arts. He is drawn to theatres as to museums, as sites for the production of narratives, individual/group identities and presentness, as well as he is drawn to architecture and landscape as generators of cultural patterns, knowledge and politics. Coming from the performing arts, but very strongly connected to experiments made in the visual arts, a sense of performativity is always somehow at stake in his work. His pieces tend to be sensible platforms for a shared experience through a collective situation, where the involvement of local people acts as a bridge to access how people process information and how geography and history, architecture and inhabitation, landscape and fable telling are continuously intermingled.