Block Autumn 2010 - The Conditions of Success

20 September 2010  to 20 November 2010
The semester started on 1 September 2010 and ended on
31 January 2011

The Conditions of Success was a three-month programme that started in mid-September 2010. Under the title borrowed from Alan Bowness’ essay The Conditions of Success, the participating artists investigated the following questions:

  • What is 'success', in the first place?
  • Who sets the parameters of success?
  • What is the 'margin of freedom' for an artist setting his own, socially unmediated parameter?

The Conditions of Success was conceived by Igor Dobricic, Bojana Mladenovic and Siegmar Zacharias. The block was mentored by Igor Dobricic and Siegmar Zacharias.

Participating artists:
Participating artists: Ntando Cele (ZA), Jaco Bouwer (ZA), Julian Hetzel (D), Maria Kefirova (BG/CAN), Mala Kline (SLO), Maika Knoblich (D), Pedro Manuel (P), Luca Andrea Stappers (NL), Manolis Tsipos (GR)

The Festivals

15 and 16 October 2010
The Festival #1 at hetveem theater

The Festival was a two-day presentation where new works by the nine international DasArts artists were viewed, discussed and appreciated – or not.

Applause - the main ritual
The participants were commissioned to (re)create a piece specially for The Festival. The artists offered one half of the equation and they need your presence – the reactions of the audience – to make up the other half. The main ritual of The Festival was the Applause. This is where it all started. This is when the participants departed on a quest.

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19 and 20 November 2010
The Festival # 2

After having investigated various stages of succes and after several meetings with programmers, branding agents and other guests, the students gave a presentation, entitled: This is no ordinary love: The Festival # 2, the second festival of the DasArts Block The Conditions of Success. Two days of investigation, re-invention and sheer celebration of the notion of festivity.

Guest teachers and lecturers:
Rose Fenton (GB), Piet Menu (B), Mark Borkowski (GB), Joao Fiadeiro (P), Nico Kroes (NL), Jan Ritsema (NL), Tor Lindstrand & Marten Spangberg (S), Bojana Bauer (SRB), Jan Verwoert (NL), Bettina Knaup (D)