Guidelines for Trust Fund Procedure

Students at DAS Theatre may qualify for financial support from the DasArts Trust Fund Foundation.

Contact: John Meijerink, the trust fund treasurer.

The Trust Fund offers students on the DAS Theatre course help in cases of severe financial difficulty or unexpected expenses. The payments are intended for expenditure that is essential in order to continue studying. The Trust Fund does not contribute to expenses involved in the study trajectories.

Applications can be made to the Trust Fund by people who are enrolled as students at DAS Theatre and have paid their tuition fees, with no restrictions by age or nationality. No requests will be accepted from students in interim years or from ex-students.

Requests should be made in writing; they must provide clear justification and display sound financial underpinning. This must show which other steps the applicant has already taken to cover his/her/their financial needs (income earned by working, loan, other funds, etc.).

The Trust Fund uses each year a maximum of 50% of its capital to provide support for students. This budget is set on the basis of the capital available on 1 January of that year. The maximum support available to each student is 2,000 euro per calendar year.

Each year in March/April, the students of DAS Theatre are informed about a deadline for applications. This deadline is for an amount of 35% of the capital available on 1 January of that year.

In general, the Trust Fund gives priority to 2nd year students during this application process, in order to make it possible for them to finish their studies in cases of severe financial difficulty.

The other 15% is available at any time in the course of the year for all the students of DAS Theatre, for unexpected expenses (for example unexpected medical costs, computer repair, etc.). Again, requests should be made in writing (as described before).

The administrators of the Trust Fund decide what sums will be paid out on the basis of the applications submitted and the budget available. Applicants will in principle be informed within two weeks whether their request has been accepted or rejected. The administrators do not enter into any further discussion on their decisions.

All applications are dealt with in confidence.