DAS Master Presentations

Professional theatre makers and dance artists will share their work with you at the conclusion of their intensive two-year period of Master’s research at DAS Theatre or DAS Choreography.

You are warmly invited to attend this year's DAS Theatre Master Presentations on May 23-27. Rebekka Bangerter, Piotr Urbaniec, Isadora Tomasi, Fariborz Karimi, Agat Sharma and Wojciech Grudziński will present their final work at DAS Graduate School in Amsterdam. 

This year’s graduating cohort decided to come together under the title ‘a foot stepping forward’. They derived this title from a sentence in Paul B. Preciado’s book 'Can the Monster Speak?'. The foot stepping forward is a step into the void, indicating a path to another world. This other world might be understood as the space outside of the school – the working field - but it is also a step into the worlds of fiction, dream and theater. Or yet something else entirely, a whole other era, a parenthesis, a hopeful uncertainty that accompanies coming forward with one’s visions.

It is with great pleasure that we present these six remarkable artists to you.

When registering, beware of overlapping showing times and travel times between locations. See the schedule below and reserve your tickets.


DAS Theatre 2021