DAS Master Presentations

Professional theatre makers and dance artists will share their work with you at the conclusion of their intensive two-year period of Master’s research at DAS Theatre or DAS Choreography.

Master Presentations 2024 - 'To touch a sound, to hear a vision'

You are warmly invited to attend this year's DAS Theatre Master Presentations from 18–22 March. Mahsa Koochak, Aline Olmos, Patsy Lassbo, Chun Shing Au, Sîpan Sezgin Tekin and Maarten Heijnens will present their final work at DAS Graduate School in Amsterdam. 

This year’s graduating cohort brings together six different aesthetics, urgencies, and worlds during their master research presentations. When contemplating what connects these artists, ‘synesthesia’ comes to mind: the phenomenon that the stimulation of one sense leads to a secondary sensory experience. To touch a sound, to hear a vision is an invitation to feel, to be touched, to open the senses to each other, to find the moments of fluidity in which one sensation can tumble into another.

What these six artistic proposals have in common, is a reach-out to the audience, a desire for a radical invitation, to touch and to be touched, to create a response to a sense of responsibility. Each of these artists, while grappling with the political demands of our turbulent times, looked for ways to bypass the cognitive and work through the senses, understanding the body of the audience as a site of political agency.

After all, like Octavia E. Butler writes in Parable of the Sower

“All that you touch
You Change.

All that you Change
Changes you.

The only lasting truth
is Change.”

Ingrid Vranken, February 2024

When registering, be aware of overlapping showing times. See the schedule below and reserve your tickets.

Reserve your tickets

Installation, no ticket reservation necessary

Monday 18th March, 15:00–22:00

Tuesday 19th March, 15:00–22:00

Thursday 21st March, 15:00–22:00

Friday 22nd March, 15:00–22:00

Monday 18th, Tuesday 19th, Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd March, 15:00–22:00

Touchscape 3: Camping Beyond Reasoning offers a 1 on 1 experience for which it is necessary to book a timeslot. You can do this through the above link. The experience lasts about 30 minutes. 

For any questions or issues with the booking, you can send an email to mahsa.das2024@gmail.com.

Monday 18th March, 20:00–21:30

Tuesday 19th March, 17:45–19:15

Accessibility information:

  • This work has extreme light and strobe effects, loud music and smoke. If you are photosensitive, please take this into account. 
  • Wheelchair accessible. 

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