Block Programme

The new format of the "Nomadic Block", introduced since this year at DAS Theatre (2019-2020), aims at exploring thematics that resonate on broad social and educational encounters and at proposing in-depth activities of study with a transversal perspective. Not only the block mentors work transdisciplinary, according to the overall educational view of DAS Theatre; during a nomadic block and also the "Contextual Programme", participants merge together with a specific locality or institution/organization, out of Amsterdam and the Netherlands, and in some respects very far away from the context of DAS Graduate School.

The "Curatorial In-House Block" takes place in winter/spring; a ten-week period starting in February. It is a collective, intensive programme, designed by invited guests, who curate a joint exploration of a certain theme, motif or curiosity. The Block is a unique programme with workshops, lectures, field trips, practical assignments, feedback, reading, making of work, public showing moments.