DAS Theatre (formerly called: DasArts) is the international Master course at the Academy of Theatre and Dance, academy of the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

The purpose of the DasArts Trust Fund is to provide financial support for DAS Theatre students. Its objective is formulated more broadly in its statutes, but in practice this is the only purpose the foundation will engage in; we focus on the urgent problems.

By raising funds the foundation aims to enable its capital to grow steadily. This will allow us to give financial support, where possible, to students who themselves do not have the resources to pay for their studies and cannot find any external funding. For students from outside Europe, the costs are constantly increasing. The Trust Fund helps us retain the influx of international students, which is one of the distinguishing features of this course.


The foundation is a small-scale fund which in recent years has started thinking of possible ways of generating income, further investigating the fund’s growth possibilities, and, on a small scale, offering financial support to those students whom the course administrators know will have great financial difficulty in continuing their studies.

Donor campaign:
In 2012 there was a donor campaign among a pool of people who are or have been closely involved in DasArts (now called: DAS Theatre): former students, ex-mentors, former staff, good contacts in the profession, etc. This brought in a modest sum.

Fees for lectures, etc.:
In consultation with the people involved, money that DAS Theatre staff receive from third parties for activities that actually form part of their work (e.g. fees for talks on the programme) will go into the fund.

Donations related to Feedback workshops:
Alumni (and staff) give workshops around the world on the Feedback method that has been developed by DasArts and that is still in use at DAS Theatre. For each workshop the organizers are asked to donate an amount to the Trust Fund in return for being able to practice the method afterwards.