Why did Atlas nick my dustbin?

Since 1 September 2023 there has been an impressive statue in the hall. Its name is Atlas. Sjoerd Sporken, facilitary employee and chairman of the Platform Sustainability tells us about its how and why:

'Last year, we had 346 bins in our building at Jodenbreestraat. These all had plastic bags, which were changed every day. Even if there was only a single core or one piece of paper inside. At the intercession of the AHK Sustainability Platform -  AHK broad -  all the old bins were removed. Now we only have 56. These are all in the corridors so that everyone can reach them. In the toilets and wet areas we keep the old bins. And there is always a paper bin next to each residual waste, to make it easier to separate. In places with a kitchenette, there is also a glass bin next to it.
Now we all have to walk further with our waste. This is sometimes annoying. But maybe moving from time to time is quite useful, and maybe we will manage to separate waste better and consume less plastic. After all, we are moving towards a circular economy.  

The Atlas sculpture was made by Daan Westendorp and Judith van de Pas of the Scenery Workshop.

For me, it shows that we are all Atlas together. We have to carry the earth together.