Academy Council (AR) and Programme Commitees (OCs)

Academy Council (AR)
The AR of the ATD has a maximum of ten members, five student members and five employee / teacher members. They meet on average ten times a year, five times with AR members only and five times with the management.
The meetings are held in cycles, with internal discussions first and subsequent discussions with the management about the documents.

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The meetings are open to staff and students. Please register in advance via:

Programme Commitees (OCs)
The Programme Committees (OCs) of the Academy of Theatre and Dance follow the domains in terms of composition. This means that the Academy of Theatre and Dance has three Programme Committees:

  • Programme Committees Dance
  • Programme Committees Theatre
  • Programme Committees DAS

In each Programme Committee every study programme is represented by a student and an employee / teacher member. The Programme Committees of the Academy of Theatre and Dance meet on average five times a year.