Sustainability Road Map leads the way towards a carbon-neutral and circular AHK

At the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), we are aware of our social responsibility in terms of sustainability. That is why we make an effort to limit our negative environmental impact as much as possible. Curious how do we do that and how you can contribute to that? In theinfographic Sustainability Road Map, you will find the road map that we have outlined in order to be able to call ourselves a carbon-neutral and circular AHK by 2035.

No Music on a dead planet

Frederike Berendsen (Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Pop) graduated with the book No Music On a Dead Planet: a 4 step guide to reducing your environmental impact as an artist in today's music industry.
Frederike Berendsen: 'I believe the arts can play a key role in tackling the climate crisis, the biggest challenge of our generation.

Nutrition and energy management with a vegetarian/vegan diet


The ATD sustainability platform is reflecting and opening dialogues concerning how we can better our relationship with the planet and reducing the consumption of animal-based products’ is being discussed.

Change needs time and, as the ATD looks into improving the access to more vegetarian/vegan options, is likely you have questions. We thought we’d begin with this one: can I eat a plant-based meal and still have energy perform optimally? Let’s start by saying that what you eat is always your choice. Eating should be a source of energy and something that contributes to a good day.

Do you need help with getting the right amount of nutrients?
Make an appointment through the Health & Performance agenda.

Do you want to learn more? Go to these websites:
Voedingscentrum (Dutch)
Mysportscience a trusted source of information (English)
I'm a Foodie  Nog meer tips om goedkoop en gezond te eten (Dutch)
Healthy diet (English)

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Theatre Green Book: Sustainability in the Spotlight

In the face of a growing climate crisis, the performing arts sector presents the Theatre Green Book - an essential initiative that guides actors, dancers and creators towards a more sustainable practice. Developed in collaboration between the VPT, VSCD, and NAPK, the aim of this Dutch edition is clear: to establish a uniform, shared standard to make both productions and buildings more sustainable and thus contribute to the international climate goals. Whether you are new to the field of sustainability or already actively involved, the Theatre Green Book provides a concrete basis, practical guidelines and inspires a collective movement towards a greener performing arts field.

Read the Dutch version of The Theatre Green Book