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The Fair Practice module puts the theme of 'a fair labour market' on the agenda for the arts and culture sector. The module prepares students for a complex world after their studies by

  1. Providing insight into the sector
  2. Supporting the student in developing their own vision and
  3. Providing practical tools.

The aim is that the student learns to constantly test his own working practice in a changing world.

The lessons focus on the values of fair chain, fair pay and fair share of the Fair Practice Code. To these the values of fair value (art advocacy) and fair time were added, as desired by the students after two successful pilot editions. These pilot editions are the Fair Practice Module (AHK Entrepreneurship) and the Fair Practice Module XL (ADT)

Added Value
The module dives into complex issues and cross-curricular themes that every student must learn to relate to. It goes beyond acquiring skills: vision development is central and therefore the lessons take an ethical approach. Philosophy teacher Sophie van Hoorn brings this module to life, together with teachers Gabriela Acosta Gamacho, Rachelle Bottenbley, Jimmy Pierre de Graaf and others.

The module consists of five lessons, homework, a final assignment and intervisions. Each lesson has three pillars:

  1. Theory
  2. Vision development
  3. Skills (acting on that vision)

Study load
There are 35 hours for this module. The lessons take 3 hours; the homework 1,5 hours. The final assignment takes 3 hours. The intervisions take 3 hours.

Criteria are compulsory attendance and participation



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