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Education and Examination Regulations (OER) 2023
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Exam Committee

The exam committee (EC) fulfills a supervisory role within the Academy of Theatre and Dance. The EC is independent and monitors the quality of exams and evaluations in relation to the formulated competencies and final qualifications of the study programme. In doing so, the EC plays an important role in the granting of diplomas. Indeed, students, teachers and the work field should have confidence that diplomas are awarded with due diligence.

The EC does not set exams itself, it appoints examiners, draws up guidelines for  taking tests and evaluations (including certification), counters fraud, verifies the quality of tests and evaluations and decides on complaints, dispensations and personal learning tracks. Decisions of the EC are based on  the Onderwijs- en examenregeling (OER) (Education and exam regulation) and the Studiegids (Study Guide) which contains the competencies and final qualifications of the study programme. In addition, the EC gives solicited and unsolicited advice on subjects relating to the quality of tests and evaluations. 

When should you contact the exam committee?

Mostly when procedures run smoothly, students notice little of the exam committee’s work. In the event of questions or problems regarding exams or evaluations, it is advisable to first discuss these with the teacher in question and/or artistic director of the study programme. Although formally the exam committee decides, requests for dispensation or personal learning tracks are dealt with in first instance by the artistic director. For problems relating to study progress, you should consult your mentor or the student counselor.

If no solution is forthcoming, you can consider contacting the exam committee in the following cases:
•     If you think there were irregularities in how your evaluation was conducted or if you question the results and consultation with your teacher, examiner or artistic director of the study programme has not solved matters.
•     If you think an incorrect procedure was followed in your request for a dispensation or in determining a personal study track.
You can contest the decision or the course of events. The exam committee will investigate if procedures were followed correctly and if the OER was adhered to. The exam committee may decide that a procedure needs to be repeated.

How can you get in touch with the exam committee?

The exam commitee can be reached via Jeroen de Beer via:

With your inquiry, make sure to include your name, student number, address, place of residence, telephone number and email address. Also indicate which study you are following and your current phase. Please outline your request, complaint or objection as clearly as possible in accordance with the rules listed in the study guide or the Onderwijs- en Examenregeling (OER).

You will receive an answer from the exam committee within 4 working weeks.

Who sits on the exam committee?
Members of the exam committee are: Angela Linssen (chair), Syliva Alting van Geusau (secretary), Martin Verheesen (member), Juul Beeren (member), Iva Lešić (member), Rose Akras (member), Hellen Borgmann (external member).