Educational videos

The Fair Practice Module of the ATD collaborated with the Social Justice and Diversity in the Arts lectorate to develop four educational videos in which research group members share their approaches. 

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Social Justice and Diversity in the Arts lectorate
Fair Practice Module

Studio & Production: Pathos Studios
Music: Mark Oomen
Doodle video: Alizée Bollen

Lectorate Social Justice and Diversity in the Arts

In this clip, the research team of 2023 shares what the Lectorate Social Justice & Diversity in the Arts is about. How do we do research and how do we work together? What do we understand social justice to be and what are important themes for us?




Five pillars

In this clip, we share the framework we have developed for all our work. What does it mean to not just do research about social justice, but to do it in a socially just ways? Here we introduce the five pillars of relationally, temporality, transformation, cost and joy and the questions they raise that guide our work in artistic practice, education and research.


Decolonial Theory & Indigenous Knowledge

In this video, Dr. Paulina Trejo Méndez introduces the theoretical framework of the Lectorate: Decolonial theory & indigenous Knowledge. The pillars of relationality, temporality, transformation, cost and joy are derived from decolonial theory and indigenous knowledge.




Dominant & Other

In this video, Aminata Cairo explains how in our society some stories become dominant, and how other stories are seen as less important. She explains the importance of becoming aware of the mechanisms that keep this in place, and what is needed to address these mechanisms.