DAS Theatre Master presentations

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On 29 and 30 April 2021, Chapter 1 of the 2021 DAS Theatre Master presentations will take place. We have curated the programme of this year at DAS Theatre around the question ‘What Can Theatre Do?’, inviting participants and guest artists to engage in a collective research aimed at exploring the performativity of theatre as a complex apparatus that stages bodies and gazes, organizes space and time, and models the past, the present and the future. While the master presentations of the 8 graduating participants ­­– 3 presenting in April and 5 in June – are not meant as a response to this question, each of them embodies one possible doing of theatre and explores one possible form, with presentations ranging from immersive installation to long durational performance to curatorial proposals, and beyond.

As always, the Master Presentations of DAS Theatre are an undefinable collection, not a curated programme. Each work constitute a world in itself, and yet all together this year’s master presentations demonstrate once again how art can create public spheres where current hegemonic narratives can be dismantled, and alternative narratives can be constructed that can shape not just our collective imagination, but also the world to come.