The Torch, the Key and the Snake

The Torch, the Key and the Snake is a ritual conducted by nx3: a multiplicity, a medium, the number 3, the guide to another realm. Taking the imagery of the witch, the bouffon, and the pop diva and embracing the contradictions between popular and mainstream culture to rethink collective spiritual practices from a feminist perspective in current times.

The Torch, the Key and the Snake is the breath that swallows, the laughter of the hand. Halo, migraine, epilepsy. Satellite and nymph; fluorine colour screaming from its orbit. Software. Ointment in the atmosphere, light that melts with the heat of presence.


Ainhoa Hernández Escudero

Ainhoa Hernández Escudero is a Madrid-born artist based in Amsterdam who works in the field of performing arts. Her practice is situated between choreography, theater, and the curatorial. Her work traverses ancient counter-hegemonic traditions and esoteric practices, traditionally carried out by women – focusing on witchcraft, herbology, and rituals. She thinks such practices open the possibilities to organize ourselves collectively and achieve emancipation strategies. She feels the urge to delve into the strange: that which is difficult to understand, explain or classify. Her artistic practice is bewitched by pop and mainstream culture inherent to our current reality and reflects on the mystical impulses that lie behind our obsession with information technology. She professes a deep love for camp, kitsch, and excessiveness.