Dreamer's Choice

The Contextual Programme 2019 | DAS Theatre moving to PAF (Performing Arts Forum - France)


After the 1st year of The Nomadic Curatorial Block in Santarcangelo Festival (Italy) during the last months (Sep-Oct 2019), the DAS Theatre 2nd year participants just landed at PAF (Performing Arts Forum) in St. Erme (France) for their self-organised-curated Contextual Programme taking place there from 4 till 15 of November 2019.
It embodies the second episode for DAS Theatre within this year while displacing somewhere else out of the DAS Graduate School.


In the form of a collective and private workshop period at the French artistic residency, the participants are going to experiment communal work in order to trace new borders for education and to temporarily institute (self-)formation processes and practices far out from their own academic eco-system here in Amsterdam.
They decided to invest into a long-period workshop with one artist, Mala Klein (performer, choreographer and writer, alumna DasArts - 2012) as the main guest-artist of their programme.

They will touch the spaces of dreaming and the practice of imaginal production through movement.
The intention behind is to provide the space for curated moments on-spot and to share practices among the participants, to try-out tools and to exercise imaginaries not commonly encountered or found out (yet) within the DAS programme as it is given, for then being them incorporated.
While investigating even the darkest spots of certain practices and a commonly shared sense of uncomfortability due to the temporary displacement, new formats of self-curation-organization can be initiated and shared among the participants.

This Contextual Programme endors their final Master Presentations taking place here at DAS in May-June 2020.

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This programme is organized by DAS Theatre, hosted by PAF (Performing Arts Forum) and self-curated-organized by DAS Theatre 2nd year participants: Akram Assam, Janis Balodis, Nahuel Cano, Maria Kozłowska, Merel Smitt and Malgorzata Wdowik

DAS Theatre staff participants: Silvia Bottiroli & Juul Beeren

4 - 15 November, 2019 - PAF
(Performing Arts Forum - St. Erme - France)