GIVE-A-DANCE! - tribute to the breeding ground of 33 years of contemporary dance

GIVE-A-DANCE! Is a five-day dance event from 24 to 29 June 2022. The festival takes place in the building of the Academy of Theatre and Dance. 22 performances and 30 side activities, such as workshops, public interviews and round table discussions, are scheduled. With this festival, the Modern Theatre Dance course is festively said goodbye.

For five days the doors of the building on Jodenbreestraat are open to the public, who are invited to watch, taste and talk about the best dance has produced and to look back at historical breakthroughs and relevant developments in this art form.

A broad dance community supports the festival: the Modern Theater Dance programme, the dance world of Amsterdam, of the Netherlands and of alumni and admirers, spread all over the world. Read more about the programme.

About Modern Theatre Dance (MTD) and the festival

The MTD has always stood with both feet in society. The program includes themes such as diversity, intergenerational exchange, co-creation and gender identity. The festival shows the MTD as the cradle of several generations of emancipated, contemporary dancers.

This is the festive departure of the most important breeding ground for contemporary dance in Amsterdam to make way for a promising new course: Expanded Contemporary Dance (ECD).

The festival is organized by the MTD Legacy Foundation and supported by the Academy of Theatre and Dance.