Actively seeking connection with the outside world is an important part of the mission and vision of the 5 O'Clock Class. Since its foundation, the Academy has established close connections with organisations in the professional dance world, educational institutions and extracurricular cultural institutions. Through these collaborations, the great expertise we have built up in the field of talent development and our place within the Academy for Theatre and Dance, we fulfil a unique role.

We know how to reach young people from different cultures and backgrounds - from all parts of Amsterdam and far beyond - and give them the opportunity to acquire skills in a wide range of contemporary dance forms. In this way, the Academy for Theatre and Dance also reaches new target groups, dance talents who would otherwise be unlikely to apply for official dance training.

As 5 O'Clock Class, we constantly respond to developments and needs in the professional dance field in the Netherlands and abroad. Within the professional dance world, we have entered into intensive partnerships with various professional art institutions in the fields of dance and music.


A good balance between school and pre-school 5 O'Clock Class is very important.  For this reason, 5 O'Clock Class has entered into several collaborations with secondary schools such as:

To serve the students of the 5 O'Clock Class even better in finding the right balance between school and the 5 O'Clock, we have a DAMU arrangement with Gerrit van der Veen College and IVKO. Through this arrangement, pupils of the 5 O'Clock Class are given priority in Amsterdam's school matching system. Lateral entrants are also given priority.

As stated on the DAMU Foundation site:

'The DAMU Foundation was established in 2006 by the School for Young Talent (The Hague) and the Gerrit van der Veen College (Amsterdam). The aim of the foundation is to promote the interests of Dutch secondary schools that design adapted curricula in cooperation with conservatoires and dance colleges (HBO), on the basis of the so-called DAMU scheme, and everything that is related to this in the broadest sense of the word or that can be conducive to this. The DAMU scheme offers schools - there are now 12 of them - the possibility of adapting the curriculum of young talents (think, for example, of exemptions or staggered exams).'