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Three levels and Weekend 5 O'Clock Class

The 5 O’Clock Class is open to talented young dancers aged 11 and up, as well as to those who have discovered dance later on, up to the age of 21. There are three levels in the programme and the students go up to the next level depending on their age and standard.

  • Weekend 5 O'Clock Class  | Pre Teen (10-15 year) | Pre Peer (16+)
  • Junior Performance Programme (JPP) | usually 11-13
  • Teen Performance Programme (TPP) | usually 14-16
  • Peer Performance Programme (PPP) | usually 17-21

The 5 O’Clock Class is set up in a way that encompasses the different links in the chain of talent development. The course operates according to the phases introduction (in collaboration with partners outside the school), development (JPP, TPP) and proficiency (TPP, PPP). In the latter two phases, the dancers are prepared for the excellence phase, which takes shape in the subsequent professional dance training.


Sign Up for Video audition 5 o’clock class
Do you want to sign up for the audition for the 5 O'clock class for the 2022-2023 school year?
The auditions take place online.

You can participate in the audition by making a dance video with a solo in which you present yourself to the audition committee.
The audition video must meet the following requirements:
• The length may not exceed 2 minutes
• The solo is allowed in your own style, with your own music, with your own choreography.
• Before the solo, we would like you to introduce yourself and explain why you want to audition for the 5 O'clock class.
• You absolutely do not need to make a professional recording, and we understand that you are in your bedroom, living room, balcony or garden and that you are limited in space. Be creative in those existing circumstances. The video should not be edited, it must be a one take recording.
• Put your video on Vimeo or Youtube  (the audition committee can only view videos without a code or password!)
• Fill in the questions on the application form and copy the link to your video on the form. Make sure that the committee can view the link immediately after clicking (without codes or passwords)
• Submit the form (submit)

After submitting the form you will receive an automatic message that we have received your registration. Only in case the audition committee cannot reach the video, you will be contacted before the final results, which will be send by mail around June 14, 2022. In all other cases you can assume that the confirmation means that we are processing the video

If you want to take part in an audition for the 5 O’Clock Class, you must register using the online registration form.


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