Artistic Directors 5 O'Clock Class: Percy Kruythoff and Rahana Oemed

Core team members: Percy Kruythoff, Rahana Oemed, Peter Koppers, Faizah Grootens, Kevin Gumbs, Jeanne van Beek (combination class coordinator) and Dionne Bakker.

Lecturers of the 5 O'Clock Class program largely come from the professional field and the higher professional education dance courses of the Academy of Theater and Dance.


The teaching and rehearsal studios and offices of the 5 O'Clock Class are located in the Academy of Theatre and Dance, the faculty for theater and dance of the Amsterdam School of the Arts. The building is located in the Jodenbreestraat, in the center of Amsterdam and in the heart of Dutch cultural life.

The lessons of 5 O'Clock Combi Class take place in the Kunstlinie Almere.

Several times a year, the students of the 5 O'Clock Class perform in the Danstheater of the Academy of Theatre and Dance as well as in the Meervaart Theater and the Kunstlinie Almere.