Classes and performances

The 5 O’Clock Class training programme runs parallel to the academic year of the professional dance courses at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, but unlike these courses, the 5 O’Clock Class provides the classes outside school hours and on Saturdays. The number of classes increases as the students get older and reach the next level of the course.

  • the Weekend 5 O'Clock Class
  • the Junior Performance Programme (JPP): 1 day per week | 6 classes on Saturday for 34 weeks
  • the Teen Performance Programme (TPP): 4 days per week | 3 classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 5 classes on Saturday for 36 weeks
  • the Peer Performance Programme (PPP): 6 days per week | 3 classes on Monday to Friday and 5 classes on Saturday for 36 weeks

The programme of classes covers a wide variety of dance techniques, such as classical ballet, jazz/musical, modern dance, various urban dance styles, composition, improvisation and repertoire. In addition, there are classes in which the students create their own work and prepare for the performances they give three times a year at the Dance Theatre at the Academy of Theatre and Dance and at the Bijlmer Parktheater in the Zuidoost district of Amsterdam.

The classes are characterised by the intensive coaching of the students at individual and group level. And the classes are structured in such a way that the students learn not only the basics of the different dance styles, but also to develop their own personal insights.

Boys’ classes
Starting in the 2016-2017 academic year, separate boys’ classes will be given regularly, in which attention will be paid to the specific physical development and needs of young male dancers. There is a particular focus on power training and lifting techniques for partner work. Initially, the 5 O’Clock Class will introduce these classes for its own participants, and later they will also be open to other talented boys.