Queer Artistic Feedback Zine

Szymon Adamczak and Elioa Steffen (2022)

“Queering Artistic Feedback” presents texts and responses resulting from a year-long focus on feed backing artistic work from a queer pedagogy perspective. By making it available, we desire to share with students, teachers, artists and art enthusiast experiences and reflections we have gained so far in IPOP activities.

We would like to acknowledge the companionship and generosity of artists participating in our experimental feedback sessions: Joy Brandsma, Toni Kritzer, Noha Ramadan, Ahmed El-Gendy, Antje Nestel, Rising Lai, Alexander Blum Bertelsen and Julius Frodermann. We would like to recognize Das Arts Feedback Method and the environment in which it has been created as a source of inspiration from which we continue to expand our methodological and pedagogical approach to the art of queering feedback. We would also like to acknowledge the important work of Ashton Crawley, from which we draw our name, as well as all the other scholars, activists, and artists whose shoulders we stand on.

Digital copy can be viewed and downloaded here.

In Pursuit of Otherwise Possibilities, Queer Performance Pedagogy and Feedback (IPOP) is an educational, artistic research platform exploring how institutions of higher learning can better foster queer artists and practices. IPOP’s mission is to provide queer education, communal think-space and artistic support to LGBTQ+ students, staff, and alumni as well as people from the larger community. IPOP originated in 2021 and operates within The Academy of Theatre and Dance (ATD) in Amsterdam. Artistic coordinators of the platform are Elioa Steffen (she/ her; US/NL) and Szymon Adamczak (he/his; PL/NL). This project is supported by Medezeggenschap Quality agreements, the Participation Council of the ATD Platform 2025 and DAS Research. Visual identity: Studio Pieter Jan Boterhoek.

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Queer Artistic Feedback Zine
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