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Intensive Course

The next SNDO Intensive Course is held from 25 November till 13 December 2019.

For everyone who wants to get an overall impression of the program of the SNDO we organize an Intensive Course of 3 weeks. This Intensive Course is an addition to the regular BA course, designed for those who wish to refresh their ideas on choreography and / or who wish to prepare themselves for the SNDO auditions. 

The Intensive Course gives participants the opportunity to practice the art of dance making under the professional guidance of SNDO staff teachers and graduates. 

The classes covered during the course include Choreography, Movement Research and Art & Theory. This year's line-up of teachers include Bruno Listopad, Esther Arribas, Fernando Belfiore, Quinsy Gario, Florentina Holzinger, Michele Rizzo and Andrea Zavala.

Info and Application

The course lasts for 3 weeks, five days a week, from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16.30 pm. Students are divided into groups with a maximum of 25 students each.

The fee for the course is 600 euros.

Housing and travel costs need to be covered and arranged by the participant.

Deadline of Application for SNDO Intensive Course 2019 is 18th October 2019. The application form will be opened on 15th June 2019.

The SNDO- Intensive Course is open to people over 18 years old.

We will make no selection from the applications: The first fifty (50) people will be taken. Please apply as soon as possible. The application procedure will be closed when 50 people are in. 

Students from outside the European Economic Area are advised to apply early.

SNDO has reserved a few free places for students who are following a professional dance/choreography education elsewhere, as a compensation for the fact that SNDO is not receiving exchange students in the regular programme. SNDO does not provide scholarships.

Candidates should send a CV and motivation-letter to Ria Higler:

Deadline for applications for Exchange students is: 6th of Ocober 2019.

All the applicants, whether they are accepted as exchange student or not, will be notified on time.

More information: Esther Arribas -


open the application form Intensive Course