SNDO Intensive Course 2021-2022

For everyone who wants to get an overall impression of the program of the SNDO we organize an Intensive Course. Due to the measures taken against the spread of the coronavirus the upcoming edition of the SNDO Intensive Course might be organized online and not live. We hope to inform you as soon as possible about this.

The Intensive Course is an addition to the regular BA course, designed for those who wish to refresh their ideas on choreography and / or who wish to prepare themselves for the SNDO auditions.

The Intensive Course gives participants the opportunity to practice the art of dance making under the professional guidance of SNDO staff teachers and graduates.

The classes covered during the course include Choreography, Movement Research and Art & Theory. The lineup of teachers and exact dates for the next edition will be announced as soon as we know the final format of the Intensive Course.

More information: Eline Oosterbroek -