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Have a look at our visual study programme

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DAS Choreography offers a study course for dance artists who are interested in augmenting their existing professional practice through immersion in a two-year Master level arts research programme. The course provides the support structure and organization to facilitate choreographic practice-led research.

The admission procedure is designed to engage prospective applicants in an exploration of relevant research propositions, transdisciplinary perspectives and conceptual / empirical methods.

Deadline for application: 10 November 2022.
Interviews: February 2023 (tbc).

The minimum formal criteria for admission to DAS Choreography include:

  • A bachelor's degree in dance, or related field in the arts, that meets the qualifications for choreographer as outlined by the Network of Dutch dance academies in 2002.
  • Three years work experience in the professional field of dance as performer and/or choreographer.
  • A well-articulated motivation to expand practice-based research activities that demonstrates:
    (a) a desire and an openness for encounters with and the exchange of knowledge and practices,
    (b) compatibility with the educational vision of the programme
    (c) an ability to manage a predominantly independent, self-steered study programme.
  • A clearly formulated research plan.

* Exemption
The selection committee is entitled to exempt candidates from the minimum formal criteria for admission (specifically the Bachelors Degree in Dance and / or 3 years professional experience) if the candidate meets the criteria for selection. The candidate seeking an exemption may have these competences in another arts discipline, but then must use the other criteria and submission materials to convince the selection committee.

Required Submission Materials

1. Completed application form – download here.

2. Curriculum vitae showing history of dance/art education and practice.

3. Two written recommendation(s) from professional choreographers, colleagues, artists, scholars and/ or teachers in the field of choreography.

4. DVDs and/or web-based documentation of artistic work (at least two full length registrations of works); and reviews and/or essays pertaining to previous and current work.

5. Motivation and Research Plan (max 1000 words in total): see Admission Criteria (and comment on the reason for pursuing a Master of Choreography and specifically the choice of DAS Choreography). The Research Plan presents the research to be undertaken during the course and includes research questions and methods. Method here can be broadly interpreted as whatever means or assistance you might use to gather, organise and analyze information. For example: a bibliography, desired mentor(s), interdisciplinary intersects (relations to science, philosophy, politics, ethics, other artistic genres, etc.), list of current and potential collaborators (e.g. performers, dramaturges, designers, etc.) and technical requirements may all be methodologically relevant to your practice-led research.

6. (optional) Examples of your own writing are additionally welcome; whether about your own work or the work of others.

The deadline for applications for 2023-2025 will be 10th November 2022 (tbc).

We have a strong preference for digital / electronic delivery of application materials. Please submit your application materials by email, clearly titled, and in pdf form to:

If you submit materials by post, please send to:
DAS Choreography
Overhoeksplein 2 / 2nd floor
1031 KS Amsterdam, The Netherlands

* DVDs & flash drives submitted as audition material cannot be returned to you. If you have not been invited to the interviews they will be destroyed after viewing.

It is strongly recommended, and appreciated, to seek personal contact with staff members, in Amsterdam, or elsewhere, before applying to the program. Through prior contact staff members will be able to supply additional information about the program, and get to know the applicant better. This will be helpful to create a good understanding of the application.

A selection committee will review the required materials submitted by all the applicants. From this initial group, a number of applicants will be selected to advance to the second round. These candidates will be invited to prepare a presentation of their research goals in an interview with a small committee.

The selection committee for the second round will comprise the artistic director of DAS Choreography, a core staff member, a graduate and an external reviewer from the field of choreography. This committee will review and evaluate the submitted materials; and conduct and evaluate the interview process. These interviews will take place on 14, 15 and 16 February 2023 (tbc).

During the interview: the candidate will be asked to elaborate on the motivation to study with DAS Choreography and the proposed research plan. The interview process will be guided by qualifying criteria in which the candidate will be asked to reflect on their past professional experience, current special interests and career goals.

The criteria will function as discursive markers, enabling a conversation that will help the committee and the candidate evaluate the synergy between DAS Choreography’s educational goals and the candidate’s. The questions probe the candidate’s ability to:
1) develop rigorous and insightful artistic research propositions, that clearly
demonstrate an understanding of the complexities and layered nature of artistic practice.
2) develop the facility to articulate and problematise the functions of specific and idiosyncratic research methodologies within artistic practice.
3) extend their ability to reflect upon and communicate the processual practice of creative and compositional artmaking, through the use of written and audio/visual documentation, collaboration, conceptualization, and feedback (from peers, mentors, collaborators and audience).
4) strengthen their capacity to contribute to the field of dance and the performing arts, showing a keen awareness of topical developments in contemporary arts discourse with an aptitude for communicating the relevance of their practice within this larger sphere.

The Second Round Selection committee will make the final selection and the candidates will be notified on their admission status within two weeks from the interview date.

DAS Choreography does not offer scholarships or grants.

For further information concerning tuition fees, admission procedures and visa please see the section for prospective students on the website of the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Do consider that the non-residential program requires to travel to Amsterdam (at least) four times for seminars and residencies for a period of around 16 weeks each year.

You can contact us by sending an email to:


Ask your questions

You are warmly invited to join us at one of our public events during the course of the year to experience what studying at DAS Graduate School could mean for you. At these events there is an opportunity to speak with our current students, alumni and staff, and to ask questions about the curriculum and application procedure.

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Have a look at our visual study programme

Click to download (pdf)