Second year

The second year offers you an opportunity for more in-depth study. Like the first year, you can partly shape your own study by following an internship but you also attend lessons and workshops in management, economics and entrepreneurship where you are taught to recognize and exploit opportunities. You become acquainted with new digital techniques which you can immediately put into practice in collaborations with other students. After the ‘DCU’ project, you start on your graduation internship. This might be with a theatre production or event, but if your ambitions extend further, there are also other options. To graduate you must obtain at least a satisfactory grade for all subjects as well as your graduation internship.

Projects in your second year

You will make a stage set with a group of students and use technical means to create three scenes. These scenes together should form a complete story that can be played at the touch of a button.


Decor, Construction and Implementation. You will work in the National Opera & Ballet décor studio with third year students of the Production Podium Arts study programme to make drawings and a scale model of a stage set that can serve as reference for a décor studio. You will also draw up a production budget.