Call for Participants at Santarcangelo Festival (Exchange of Practices Symposium)

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Exchange of Practices Symposium
Performative Schools: Temporary Structures / Permanent Unknowns
July 18-19, 2020
Santarcangelo Festival, Santarcangelo (RN), Italy

Theatre is a place where things are re-seen, re-experienced, and re-located as unknown. It provides performative perspectives – multiple ways of seeing in time and space. It is a form of thinking. A complex thinking that combines experiences, gestures, practices, contradictory positions, where ‘proper place’ is forgotten. How do we teach this thinking? How do you teach the unknown? How does one keep good strategies and methodologies alive, questioned, vibrant? Torn between the teaching of the existing knowledge/methodologies/experiences and grasping for the unknown, the critical: what is the role and the potential of the theatre/performance schools?

During the two-day symposium, Santarcangelo Festival addresses several questions surrounding the recent rise of temporary, nomadic, festival, independent, and artists-led performance schools, the context of the increasing pressure of nationalist and neoliberal ideologies on the arts and art education, and the – greater than ever – need for artistic organizations to connect to places and practices where critical thinking is being developed.

The Exchange of Practices Symposium aims to think through the great potential in connecting independent initiatives to institutional examples of schools that continuously question and rethink themselves. What is there to gain in the contamination of the institutional and the independent, the permanent and the temporary?

People working both in institutionalized schools (academies and universities) and temporary schools (such as festival schools and more independent artists-led schools) gather at the symposium to exchange practices and strategies.

Visit Santarcangelo Festival’s website for more information.

Participants can send proposals for presentations, practices and case studies, as well as proposals for topics/moderation of working groups sessions, round tables or short workshops. The overall dramaturgy of the symposium will be taken into consideration for the selection. Proposals require a 300 word bio and 300 word abstract.

All proposals must be submitted via email to Alyssa

March 9th 2020

Notification of acceptance: March 16th 2020
Applicants to confirm participation: March 23rd 2020
Preliminary program: April 2020

Admission to the symposium is free. Participants are responsible for travel and accommodation expenses. The symposium’s official language is English.

Silvia Bottiroli, PhD, DAS Theatre, Amsterdam
Frederik Le Roy, PhD, KASK, Ghent
Sodja Lotker, PhD, Prague Academy of the Arts

Organised with the support of Santarcangelo Festival
KASK & Conservatorium, school of art of Ghent University College