DAS Research: Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance working group

Publicity photograph of Hali Neto for For the Time Being by Schweigman&. Photograph by Sofie Knijff

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The inaugural session of the ATD’s Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance working group will take place in autumn 2019, led by the teacher and postdoctoral researcher Marijn de Langen (Mime study programme). The working group is part of DAS Research.

Invitation for teachers

Would you like to join the Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance working group? I am looking for motivated teachers with their own physical (teaching) practice in theatre/dance and an interest in reflecting on embodied knowledge. The working group aims at ATD teachers in BA study programmes who want to enter into an exchange with other teachers on this subject, and who have their own ideas for possible research projects in this field. The knowledge group will meet from 14.00 to 17.00 on six Wednesdays in the 2019-2020 academic year. Depending on the final make-up of the group, sessions will be conducted either in English or Dutch. A maximum of 10 teachers can participate. Once the knowledge group has been definitively formed, DAS Research will provide financial remuneration for participation.

The sessions will comprise discussions and practice sessions. We will read a number of theoretical texts on embodied knowledge and examine several examples of the documentation and archival of embodied knowledge in theatre and dance. Each participant will engage the other members of the group in the practice of several key elements from his/her physical technique, conduct research into the articulation and transferability of this technique, and show where there is space for research in their own discipline.

At the first informative session on Wednesday 2 October 2019 from 17.00 to 18.00 I will outline the idea underlying the working group, and my own postdoctoral research. If you are a teacher and you are interested in participating please send me a letter of motivation detailing your affinity with the subject and what you expect from the sessions. The letters of motivation will, if necessary, form the basis for a selection process that will seek to maximise the breadth of representation from the various ATD study programmes. The deadline for your written application (with accompanying letter of motivation) to participate in the knowledge group is 16 October 2019. Please send your application directly to Marijn de Langen at marijn.delangen@ahk.nl.

Working group session calendar

  • Wednesday 2 October at 17.00-18.00: informative session
  • Wednesday 16 October: Working group registration deadline
  • Wednesday 30 October at 14.00-17.00: introductory session
  • Wednesday 27 November at 14.00-17.00: research session 1
  • Wednesday 8 January at 14.00-17.00: research session 2
  • Wednesday 5 February at 14.00-17.00: research session 3
  • Wednesday 1 April at 14.00-17.00: research session 4
  • Wednesday 22 April at 14.00-17.00: research session 5