Alina Ruiz Folini

Alina Ruiz Folini

DAS Choreography

My name is Alina Ruiz Folini, I am a non binary artist, choreographer and performer from Argentina, currently based between Lisbon and Amsterdam. My work navigates through choreography, dance, writing and curatorial practices, engaged in diverse contexts of art, research and activism, involving artistic encounters and collaborations.

I am interested in questioning dominant perceptual orders based on the visual as a hegemonic and colonial system, shifting its protagonism towards tactility, vibration, intimacy and the invisible. I conceive choreography as an expanded framework to fabulate and embody other stories from the entanglement, with wet and hot bodies and to make reconnections with other forms of knowledge and their urgencies, provoking somato-political transformations.

I have been researching and practicing through hapticality, listening, telepathy, uncontrollable materials like slime or magnetic fields, oracular practices and voicing. 

Since 2014 I have expanded my practice by entering the interface between writing and curating, when I created the international festival-platform ARCHAEOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

In DAS Choreography I am researching the continuation of PINK NOISE, a process based on voicing, materiality of language, paralanguages and "hallucinated" anatomies. I am researching transversely centered on the experience of the mouth, where digestion, sexuality and language are intertwined. I am studying about practices of listening related to minor voices, vibrant-erotics relations between matter, body and voice, and also practicing writing as physical practice.

I recently co-created with the choreographer Ana Rita Teodoro (PT) the dispositive ORACLE OF VEGETAL BEINGS (2020), an artistic investigation in which a political or intimate question is posed to a vegetable or fruit. It can be a somatic lesson, an oracle-style consultation, an act of collective political reading, or an aesthetic-poetic speculation on food and plants. 

With Rita Natàlio, a non binary artist, poet and researcher from Lisbon, we co-created a LABORATORY OF FABULATION (2022) oriented to young people around the idea of future, ecology, somatic research, politics and gender, with the initiative of the education area of the Museum of Modern Art Gulbenkian Foundation. I also have with Rita a collaboration in process: SPILLOVERS (2023), an haptical text which is becoming a somatic conference, also introduced as a sex manual os a sci-fi transfeminist essay.  

During 2017 and 2020, I researched and co-created with artist and light designer Leticia Skrycky (UY) TACTILE PROJECT (2019) with the intention of subverting the dominant narratives of visuality and invoking forbidden or forgotten forms of knowledge, in non-linear temporalities. Mobilizing the hands as a dysfunctional tool in the modern reproductive condition was a way to prioritize logics of affection, pleasure and contagion.

As a dancer and performer I also develop works with other artists and choreographers in several networks, festivals, creation centers and collectives from South America and South Europe. I worked with Tamara Cubas (UY), Marco da Silva Ferreira (PT), Jorge Jácome (PT), Gustavo Ciríaco (BR), Silvio Lang (AR), Josefa Pereira (BR),  among others.

I am a Master in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture - Reina Sofia National Museum in Madrid-Spain (2017-18) directed by Victoria Perez Royo. I was part of PACAP 4 - Performing Arts Advanced Programme (2020) in Forum Dança, Lisbon-Portugal, curated by João Dos Santos Martins.

My previous work was shown in context such as: Center for Performance Research (US), Judson Church (US), JUNTA Festival Internacional do Dança (BR),  La Casa Encendida (ESP), FIDCU / International Festival (UY), Centro NAVE (CL), Festival Materiais Diversos (PT), Teatro Nacional Dona Maria (PT), among others.

I received the support of Gulbenkian Foundation Scholarship (PT), Tenerife.Lav (ESP), La Caldera (ESP), Graner (ESP), O Rumo do Fumo (PT), Casa da Dança (PT), Forum Dança (PT).

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