Litó Staikos-Walkey

Litó Staikos-Walkey

DAS Choreography

A unit of experience dedicated that moment to its own parts of purposeful collision to make encounter with known and unknown of something far and something close of what doesn't fit imagination but in action finds new face that moment between intention and plan accident between structure container a leakage of self assemblage of world partially delivered with attention and inattention in proximity that moment suggestive from toward and of performance to come back to place of meeting

For her research within AMCh, Litó is continuing attention to successions of words: How inscribed compositions take place, index, invite in relation to performance.

Litó Walkey is a performer, choreographer and teacher based in Berlin. Her practice considers dance occurring in momentary instances – constructed superimpositions – lifted from casual to eventfullness. Litó studied at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and was a member of the Chicago-based performance company Goat Island from 2002-2009. Her own projects have been presented in Europe and America: ‘wings raised to a second power’, ‘The Missing Dance No.7, ‘instanded’, ‘To fight a duel’ and ‘Like that, like this’. Litó maintains ongoing collaborations with artists such as Lucy Cash, Jeanine Durning, Karen Christopher, Boris Hauf and Martin Nachbar and has worked as a performer with choreographers Vera Mantero and Martine Piscani. Litó is an Associate Lecturer at the Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin and is frequently invited to teach and mentor artists, collectives, conferences and universities internationally.

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