Daphne Karstens

Daphne Karstens has recently graduated from the MA in Costume Design for Performance course at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. She obtained her BA in Scenography from de Theaterschool in 2013. While this course was primarily focussed on set design it did give her the opportunity to specialise in costume design.

Currently she is exploring the sculptural side of costume to create experimental performance pieces. Wearable sculpture interests her; sculptural costume can be worn in a live performance, as part of a story. But it could be an installation by itself, telling it’s own story. Experimentation with unconventional materials often is a part of her designs.

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Upcoming projects:

MA15 Exhibition
From Wednesday 18 February till Sunday 22 February my graduation project 'PING' was exhibited at the MA15 Exhibition of London College of Fashion. The exhibition takes place at the Victoria House Basement, London.
More information:
Ping on youtube

Baisse-toi montagne, lève-toi vallon - Ulla von Brandenburg
At the moment myself and 5 other recent graduates of the Costume Design for Performance course are collaborating with the artist Ulla von Brandenburg. We are designing the costumes for her new performance 'Baisse-toi montagne, lève-toi vallon' which will be performed on 18 and 19 March at the Kaaistudio's in Brussels as part of the PERFORMATIK 2015 festival.
More information: http://www.kaaitheater.be/nl/e1449/baisse-toi-montagne-leve-toi-vallon/

Critical Costume 2015
From 25 till 27 March Critical Costume 2015 will take place at Aalto University in Helsinki. During this event I will be exhibiting my graduation project 'PING'.
More information: http://www.criticalcostume.com/2015.html

The Drawing Theatre - Body narratives
On 28 March my costumes will be used at the Drawing Theatre session at the 'Library Space' in London. This event is a mix of theatre and drawing.
More information: http://www.londondrawing.com/drawingtheatre