Maria Kefirova

Maria Kefirova

DAS Theatre

Bulgarian born Maria Kefirova is a dancer and choreographer based since 1992 in Montreal.

She danced for different companies and choreographs such as: Lucie Gregoire Dance, Cas Public, Florance Figols, Heloise Remy, Sara Hanley, Mariko Tanabe. Parallel to her work as a performer, she has been developing her own artistic vision combining dance, theater, performance and video.

The main concern in her recent projects (Corps.Relations 2010, Manufacturing tears 2009, my Head/my Body 2008,The Fish Aria 2006, Apparences 2006) is the constantly undetermined equilibrium which exists in ou rrelationship with our bodies; the correlation between our body/mind reality and our socio-cultural environment. She explores the body as a complex and rich paradox, as a place of constant motion, transformation and transition and searches to reveal its poetic power.

Maria Kefirova (CAN/BG) worked as a dancer and choreographer in Montreal before coming to DasArts. At Dasarts she was interested in making appear the space next to her focus of attention and to access what is not her : i.e. Grace Jones, Mike Tyson and Mickey Rourke. She also developed a passion for sound as  body.. Maria is inspired by the paradox of the body , an intimate place as well as the place of our interaction with the world: a place of constant motion, transformation and transition. Back in Montreal, Maria is now teaching and active in the local dance community, where she is elaborating on her (DasArts) research. She was invited as a visiting artist at the Dance Department of Concordia University, where she researched the above-mentioned paradox, she presented her dance theatre project “Why dogs are succesful on stage?” at Usine C there and recently presented a new version Master Proof “The Nutcracker” at Tangente. Her work is supported by grants of The Canada and the Quebec Councils for the Arts. At the moment Maria works on new projects about measuring distance and difference.

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