Luca Stappers

Luca Stappers

DAS Theatre

I studied theatrical sciences at the UvA and Object theatre at the AHK. Since 1994 I have been a member of the Amsterdam based artist collective 'Het Monsterverbond' with which I have worked as an actor, director and scenographer. The group aimed at spectacular outdoor performances with a strong visual component. Next to the theatre work I have also explored other paths ranging from restaurant owner to advising on campaigns for international companies.

Currently focussing again on my theatrical work and re-shuffling ideas about manipulation in the narrative and the return of morality.

Luca Stappers (NL) (1971) was born in The Hague from a Dutch father and an Italian mother. She studied Object Theatre at the AHK and was a member of “Het Monsterverbond”, an artist collective where he was an actor, director and scenographer. After working collectively for ten years, Luca came to DasArts to reinvent himself as an individual artist. He focused on designing spaces that are truly interacting with an audience in an affective way.  His Master Proof was a small-scale set up for a project that ideally should happen on the sea, near a shore. Whereas immersive theatre is often designed for small audiences, since graduating Luca specialized in realizing large scale immersive scenographies and events. He managed and directed the celebration of the “Vrede van Utrecht” (Treaty of Utrecht), a huge project with 14.000 visitors, and has developed 'affective stage designs' for Holland Symfonia. With composer Jan Pieter Koch and librettist Paul Feld he is currently working on the truly immersive opera’ Lampedusa'. And he’s rethinking the concept of the caravane for the cultural side-program of the Grand Departe of the Tour de France in Utrecht.

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