Open Call DAS Theatre 2020-2022

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Applications process

DAS Theatre invites practitioners with diverse backgrounds and interests rooted in contemporary performing arts and bordering disciplines. Applicants are makers and curators in the field of the performing arts with:

  • a BA education in the performing arts or related areas and an existing body of work;
  • the need and ambition to develop their work, also experimenting with new forms and formats, and reflect on it;
  • an openness and eagerness towards being in an international peer environment with exposure to diverse practices in the making and curating of performing arts, where the sharing of practices can provoke new approaches to aesthetics, ethics and politics;
  • the capacity to organize their time independently and initiate and develop artistic processes as well as establish new collaborations;
  • a desire to engage with the structure and conditions offered by an educational context and to share their artistic questions and discourses with the school community, engaging in conversations with international artists, curators, dramaturges, theorists, artistic directors and policymakers.

We understand that studying at DAS Theatre requires a huge commitment. We'd like to help you prepare.

Early birds can take advantage of our personalised advise service. If you send your application before the pre-deadline of tbc you will receive feedback and advise on improving your application.

We'll let you know on this website and via our Facebook page when the early bird application form is online.

The application form for the year 2020 is not online yet. We'll let you know on this website and via our Facebook page when the early bird-application form is online.

Please read the application form carefully and prepare all your answers before you start to fill in the online application form. 

  • The application form:

    • Theatre makers application material is due by November 14, 2019
    • Curators application material is due by November 14, 2019

Deadline for submitting the online application form (including portfolio) and -if necessary- arrival of supporting documentation by mail is: 14 November 2019. 

The 1st selection will take place in December 2019 (in the absence of the candidates).

If you pass the 1st round, your presence for the 2nd round is mandatory. Dates: tba - January 2020.

The second round will take place at DAS Theatre. We invite a small group of candidates for a three-day programme of interviews, practical exercises and a collective visit to a theatre performance followed by a feedback session on this performance.

Note: Candidates in the second round who are not selected will be notified with an outline of the DAS Theatre decision. Expenses incurred during the selection process will not be reimbursed.

Information concerning tuition fees, admission procedures and visa requirements can be found on the section for prospective students on the website of the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Consider seriously the financial consequence of studying at DAS Theatre. Research funding and financing possibilities before applying (where will you apply, what are your chances, what if you will not get this grant, etc.). Candidates that are invited for the second round of the admission procedure will be asked to fill out a budget sheet to explain how they will manage to finance their studies. 

The DAS Theatre study programme is eligible for the acceptance of the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes for students from developing countries. More info: Study in Holland.

The Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme is a collection of scholarships offered by Dutch higher education institutions, multinationals and government institutes. For application: Orange Tulip Scholarship website.

  • It's wise to take your time. Read the form and take your time formulating the answers before the deadline pressure.  We only read the applications after the deadline has passed. 
  • Be precise and to the point. Respect the word count.
  • The application is an invitation to reflect on yourself, your current work and what it needs. Ask yourself questions like: why going to DAS Theatre?, what change or development does my work need?, what aspects of the DAS Theatre programme are appealing to me and why? ...
  • Concerning your portfolio, keep two things in mind: the relevance to your application (what do the fragments illustrate for you? what do you want us to look at and why?) and the "readability" for the selection committee.  The committee has a certain amount of time to watch the portfolio of each applicant. So stay within the limits that are mentioned in the form and make strong decisions. You can add extra context to your documentation in the application form.
  • Consider seriously the financial/practical consequences of studying at DAS Theatre. Research funding and financing possibilities before applying, and be precise about this aspect in the application form. (where will you apply for a grant, what are your chances, what if you will not get this grant?)

If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them: 
E-mail: john.meijerink@ahk.nl
Phone: +31 (0)20 5277668

Public events

You are warmly invited to join us at one of our public events during the course of the year to experience what studying at DAS Graduate School could mean for you. At these events there is an opportunity to speak with our current students, alumni and staff, and to ask questions about the curriculum and application procedure.

Like us on Facebook, stay informed about current events at DAS Theatre and DAS Graduate School by means of our e-newsletters or go directly to 'what's on'. 


Open Call DAS Theatre 2020-2022

Download here (pdf)


Download the study programme

Click here (pdf)