Film: RAW END-OF-YEAR UCjmd 2020

For the last couple of weeks our Urban Contemporary (JMD)  students & creators squinted for hours in ZOOM to "dance big" in the toilet with square eyes in houses remodeled to get space.

Afterwards they cycled for hours through the city and countryside to get to rehearsals, stood on concrete & on grass in public parks, found themselves between walls sprayed with graffiti, with one purpose: to do things we never thought we could do…..  all to hold on to our great ritual at the end of the schoolyear: The End of Year Performance.

Kenzo Alvares, Heidi Vierthaler, Karina Holla, Helder Seabra, 24 students, (film)crew and team all managed to make the enormous switch from a performance in the wonderful Brakke Grond Theater to A FILM! We think the end result represents the UC/jmd in the best possible way despite Corona times. It implies 4 films, small interviews with the creators and rehearsal impressions.

We proudly present you to the film of: