Gabriel Smeets

Artistic director of SNDO, the school for new dance development, BA in Choreography in Amsterdam. As a dramaturge he created works with the Dutch theatre company Paralyse D'Amour, choreographers Krisztina de Châtel, Nora Heilmann, Pere Faura, performance artist Marina Abramovic, fashion designer Aziz Bekkaoui and theatre director Ibrahim Quraishi.

Until recently Smeets was the dance editor for the Dutch monthly magazine TM (Theatermaker). He curated the symposium Dance Unwrapped at the Dance Theatre Workshop DTW in New York in 2006 and he is also the editor of Why all these questions? published in 2003 (Theatre Institute of the Netherlands). In April 2008 he was the interim artistic director of the Springdance festival in Utrecht. He works and lives in Amsterdam.