PARADISE: SNDO Graduation Works 2024

donderdag 14 maart 2024, 19:00 - 21:00 uur

The gates to paradise will open this spring and summer in Amsterdam. It is our pleasure to invite you to PARADISE: SNDO Graduation Works 2024, the spring edition of performances in Frascati and Tempel Amsterdam.

The 4th year students of the SNDO - School for New Dance Development graduate by creating two works next to writing a thesis and completing their internship. Public programs take place in venues outside the school providing the students with professional working conditions and an artistic context. This year's graduating class will present individual works in March and a collective durational piece in June in De Brakke Grond.

This year's SNDO graduates are Agnė Auželytė, Barros, Ciro Goudsmit, La Uyi Ihasee, Sasu Korom, Yujing Liu and Saman Mahdavi.

Act I
14,15,16 March 19:00
Frascati Theater
Ciro Goudsmit
Sasu Korom

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Act II
21, 22, 23 March 19:00
Frascati Theater
La Uyi Ihasee
Yujing Liu

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28, 29, 30 March 19:00
Tempel Amsterdam
Agnė Auželytė
Saman Mahdavi

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28 March 19:00
29 March 19:00
30 March 19:00

Let op: deze locatie is niet rolstoeltoegankelijk
Please note that this location is not wheelchair accessible

Credits: Production Manager: Charlot van der Meer; Light & Sound: Martin Kaffarnik & Rik van der Veen; SNDO production: Chantal Mooij; PR coordinators: Evelien van de Sanden and Antonella Fittipaldi; Social media coordinator: Karina Villafan; Graphic design: Ion Kazantzidis, Tom O’Doherty; Mentor SNDO 4: Ana Vujanović; Artistic Director: Bojana Mladenović.

The SNDO - School for New Dance Development - offers a full-time four-year professional education course leading to a Bachelor's degree in Art – Choreography. The school was founded in 1975 as an attempt to find new directions for dance next to the existing forms and styles that dominated the field. After forty years, the SNDO remains inquisitive, open minded, and in the foreground of progressive developments in the fields of dance and performance. In the curriculum, the school establishes the conditions from which the creativity of the student can emerge. Reflection on the specific qualities of dance and performance as art forms is developed, and awareness of the body and the artistic, political and ethical implications of working with it take precedence.