Student profile

The SNDO provides an educational platform for artists who want to develop their professional practice and work in the field of choreography, dance and performance making. The programme fosters experimentation and critical reflection and guides students to develop their own artistic practice as well as to contribute to the development of the dance field at large. To be accepted as a student in the four years Bachelor course in Choreography at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) the audition candidate must have a positive score on the following criteria:

1) Shows passion and dedication to create performances/ choreographic work

2) Shows curiosity in contemporary art, theater and dance field and their desire to be a part of it

3) Shows the potential of being creative and innovative 

4) Shows the ability to embody and express ideas in and through their work

5) Shows the ability to take initiative to create 

6) Shows the ability to reflect on the creation  

7) Shows the ability to take in information and feedback and to process and use the information

English course

Classes at SNDO are given in English.

Students, whose English is not sufficient to follow classes, will need to follow an English course during the summer before starting the first school year. A certificate of completion will need to be shown at the beginning of the school year. Those accepted, whose English is not found to be sufficiently proficient during the audition, will be notified of this in the acceptance letter sent before the summer holidays.