Symposium Transcultural Dance Practices

The art of teaching dance is continuously changing and developing. In our globalizing world, fusion- and hybrid dance forms emerge within culturally diverse urban contexts. Contemporary dancers research in-between spaces and identities. Innovative dance teachers and professionals explore these unknown territories. The Bachelor of Dance in Education supports research in transcultural dance practices. We like to share the research of our teachers and lecturers with alumni and dance professionals.

Please note that due to updated measures surrounding the coronavirus spreading in the Netherlands the Symposium Transcultural Dance Practices is cancelled.

Date: 21st of March 2020
Time: 10.00 – 18.00 hrs
With: Patrick Acogny, Roos van Berkel, Melvin Fraenk, Jopie de Groot, Faizah Grootens, Emiel Heijnen, Damar Lamers, Jelle van der Leest, Lot Siebe en Ise Verstegen.
Costs: € 50

Patrick Acogny African Aesthetics and Contemporary Dance: a practitioners perspective (2019)

Patrick Acogny combines his knowledge of somatic principles with his expertise on African dance principles and aesthetics. His approach is an innovative combination of release technique combined with the practice of polyrhythmic and polycentric patterns through the body. Besides he focuses on the power of the collective dancing body in his teaching to facilitate relaxation and change in the individual body. Both aspects are valuable for a contemporary dancer and dance teacher who is able too to connect a wide range of western and non-western dance practices.
This film is the first result of a research project by Patrick Acogny and Lot Siebe. Commissioned by the Academy for Theatre and Dance / Bachelor of Dance in Education, Amsterdam


The Bachelor of Dance in Education offers a program with a unique transcultural perspective on contemporary dance education. The study program trains students to become dance professionals, capable of directing dance projects in culturally diverse urban work environments. The study program is a contemporary, internationally oriented art teacher study program that focuses on the artistic development of its students. Our alumni work in primary and secondary education and the extramural field with dance devotees. They are pioneers and bridge builders. Thanks to their flexible and open mentality they can adapt to the ongoing developments in the world of dance.