5 O’ Clock Class at Adyen 'Community Circle'

Freestyle Jam Event EMM (Exploring Movement Method)

The class took place on Friday 29 April.

Description of the “EMM” class by Masha Zhukova

EMM (Exploring Movement Method) – is a method being developed by Masha Zhukova. It is based on guided improvisation and aims for the students to get the maximum comfort and understanding of their bodies in order to be able to use all the physical potential in movement in a healthy way.

The class includes:

  • Contemporary
  • Improvisation
  • Research

It may also include (depending on the students):

  • Floor work
  • Partnering
  • Own choreography


The usual class starts with the guided improvisation, which helps students to connect, warm up their bodies and minds, merge into the class and tune in to the work.

After the bodies are warm and the students are re-connected with their bodies, the tasks for the improvisation with moving in space are given. The aim of these tasks is to research the boundaries, to discover new qualities and possibilities of the body.

After that, usually (depending on the needs of the students), there are fixed floor work exercises for gaining strength, coordination and connection with the floor.

Then, for the consolidation of the knowledge, there are choreography combinations in order for the students to use the information they have just received during the class and to enjoy dancing.

The class will help to:

  • Get closer to inner-balance and comfort with body
  • Learn to use energy rationally and effectively while dancing
  • Find own self-interpretation of movements
  • Improve technique
  • Gain strength, articulation, find different qualities
  • Discover new levels and achievements
  • Enjoy dancing :)