Ilse van Rijn

Ilse van Rijn

DAS Research

Tutor, THIRD Programme

Ilse van Rijn is a researcher and art historian. She holds a PhD from the University of Amsterdam (UvA), in collaboration with the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (GRA) and the Jan van Eyck Academy (JvE), in which she developed a so-called poetics of the artists’ text (The Artists’ Text as Work of Art, 2017).

Studies in both art history and literature led her from Amsterdam (UvA) to Paris (Paris I/Sorbonne), Maastricht (JvE) and back to France (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris), finding a current home in Amsterdam. After having led the theory programme at the department of image & language at the GRA for several years, she initiated the temporary master programme Approaching Language, studying the materiality of language, at Sandberg Institute in 2019. She teaches at the UvA, next to that.

Ilse has written extensively on contemporary art in general, and its relation to writing in specific, contributing to journals, magazines and books. Her main research interests can be located at the crossroads of visual art and literature, rethinking the traditional relationships between the legible and the visible, theory and practice, words and things. Recent research concentrates on the materiality of language in relation to (eco)feminist thought and politics/poetics of resistance. 

Besides tutor at DAS Graduate School, she works intermittently at art schools and universities in the Netherlands and abroad, such as HKB (Bern, CH) and MaHKU (Utrecht, NL). She is part of research schools and research groups, including the ASCA Word & Image Research Group and IAWIS.

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