Áron Birtalan

Áron Birtalan

THIRD - Cohort 3

Áron Birtalan is an artist, whose activities lie on the intersection between practices of playing, and practices of everyday life. Working together with players and their imagination, he designs and facilitates collaborative experiences, called Transformation Games. Through his practice, Áron encourages people to tap into creative territory where games, art, and magic mingle. His works draw upon the history of playing, and as a whole, playfulness’ role in society.

With a background in both role-playing and critical social practices, Áron is interested in bringing his work outside the established frames of art and into alternative initiatives of research and education. He is also active as a musician and co-runs three-week children’s fantasy camp in rural Hungary.

Transformation Games is an artistic and political practice that attempts to re-imagine the world around us, through real-life playful experiences. In their workings, Transformation Games blend elements of live-action role-playing (LARP), rituals, live arts, everyday routines, exercises in attention, movement and imagination. Facilitated by a guide, and co-created together by all of its players, each Game is a unique, and unrepeatable encounter with the unknown. Transformation Games come in all shapes and sizes: from single-player card games to intimate group sessions, to multi-day experiences. With its roots in alternative youth movements and radical pedagogy, Transformation Games is positioned not only as an artistic, but as an active political practice: a way to (through experience) understand that we are, not mere subjects to our everyday life, but active creators and transformers ofit.

More infos on his research here at DAS: What Is Within?

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