Zahra Mohseni

Zahra Mohseni

DAS Theatre

Born in 1998 in Tehran, Iran, Zahra Mohseni is a dynamic theater artist and writer currently pursuing a Master of Theater at DAS Graduate School. She earned her BA in Dramatic Literature from the University of Tehran in 2022. Zahra’s work focuses on themes such as presence and absence, desire and disgust, memory and remembrance, and body and objectification. As an emerging young artist, her exploration of new tools and concepts in her work trajectory is evident. 

"Photos I Don’t Have" (2019), a solo performance at Rooberoo Mansion, Tehran, that explored memory and ways of remembrance through analog photography and photography history, was the first important stepping stone, introducing her as an upcoming experimental artist in Tehran's theatre scene. "to not say, to not see, to not be, and other negative infinitives" (2019), is another work performed at "The Violence Carnival" in Tehran, addressing self-censorship and women's restrictions, physical absence and virtual presence showcasing her social sensitivities. 

Beyond her creative work, Zahra coordinated the "9, in the first-person singular: a repertoire of Documentary Theatre" festival organized by the University of Tehran in 2019. She was also the lead editor of "Parvandeh" theater magazine from 2020 to 2023, contributing as an English-to-Farsi translator and theater adviser. 

Despite her young age, Zahra has already collaborated with several established international artists and groups from Iran. "Timescape" with Keyvan Sarreshteh, a fictional memoir that premiered at Wiener Festwochen in 2023, is one of these collaborations. In 2023, she joined the DAS graduate program. As one of the youngest participating students, she is now using this opportunity to broaden her knowledge and better define her own artistic path. 

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