Jana Jacuka

Jana Jacuka

DAS Theatre

Jana Jacuka (1995) is a choreographer / performer from Latvia.  

Graduated with a BA degree in Contemporary Dance Art from the Latvian Academy of Culture (2018) and since then has been actively working in the field of performing arts and as a movement director in various theaters. Her works have been recognized internationally and her latest work was awarded 'Performance of the year 2021-2022' at Latvian National Dance awards. 

Jana's work explores the fragility of personal experiences and ways of communicating them through different art forms. She draws inspiration from everyday life, on seemingly simple things and explores the complexities hidden within. 

In 2020, together with artist Laura Stašāne, they created 'Physical Evidence Museum'. A documentary exhibition in a private flat that looks at domestic violence from the perspective of women survivors. The museum's collection is made of everyday items-witnesses of domestic violence that have been collected with the help of many women from all over Latvia, and also from other places the museum has visited - Estonia, Poland and Switzerland.https://www.evidencemuseum.com 

"I believe that the private is political, and sharing personal experiences with others is one of the most valuable things we can offer to each other." 

Janas works have been exhibited in Amsterdam Carre, Le Grand Rex (Paris), AUAwirleben fest (Bern), Kanuti Guildi Saal and SAAL biennaal (Tallinn), Homonovus (Riga) and more. In 2023 she was invited as a guest artist for Damien Rice European tour and toured with her works as part of his show in 12 countries.  

Currently, Jana is performing Marinas Abramovic works in her retrospective exhibition at Stedelijk museum here in Amsterdam.  

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